Why I love transatlantic cruises

I love cruises – that’s a given, but whilst I love it on a typical cruise where the ship stops at lots of ports and I usually don’t get off the ship (as you have the ship to yourself and it is so nice and quiet) there is something very special about Transatlantic cruises too. 

Transatlantics cruises aren’t suitable for everyone. There are a lot of sea days (so if you cruise to see the ports of call then perhaps it’s not going to be your first choice). This means that you are in a confined space as all the other passengers and apart from your cabin there is no getaway or escape. Again, not particularly suitable if you get claustrophobic. Being in the middle of the transatlantic, it can also get rather “choppy” to say the least (although depending on your itinerary, any cruise can get a bit rough) so it’s not necessarily suitable for people who travel with seasickness or travel/motion sickness. 

I have done two transatlantic cruises and I loved them both for various reasons. The first being that the confined space thing isn’t really relevant when you are on the big ships (circa 4000 passengers that I like) and actually it means that you meet and bond with some great people. You see each other everyday, at the activities you have in common, in the buffet, at the bar etc and really get to know them and build friendships with them. Admittedly if you meet someone you don’t like it can be hard to get away from them, but you always have your cabin if you need a break! 

As you are at sea everyday, there are a lot more activities put on during the days than on a typical port day on a cruise. My favourite activity (and I don’t know if they do this on all cruise lines or not, as both my transatlantic cruises were with Norwegian Cruise Line) is Progressive Trivia. I love trivia and quizzes and go along to most of the sessions on a normal cruise, but on the transatlantics I’ve done, the progressive trivia involves turning up at the same time every sea day, playing with the same team (another great way to meet new people) and then your score everyday is added up and at the end of the cruise your scores are totalled and that dictates the final result. 

It’s a really fun way to get from one continent to another. My most recent transatlantic started in a cold and dreary Copenhagen, and ended up in Miami, that’s a definite change in weather! 

As well as the organised activities, there are always loads of things to do on cruises – its one of the reasons I love them so much. Whether you want to spend the time drinking fine wine, eating great food, spending some money in the casino, or just chilling by the pool, there will be space and time for this. There’s gyms and spas on most ships nowadays too, as well as pools, and usually some adults only areas. A lot of cruise lines (except those targeted at adults only or seniors) have kids clubs and you can check your kids in to them during the day and they can have fun with similar aged kids and you can just enjoy your days (saying this, the transatlantics I have done have tended to be outside of the typical school holidays and so there haven’t been many children onboard – just something to bear in mind).