Washington DC

On my first trip to New York, my friend and I decided to do the one day bus tour to Washington DC. At that point I didn’t know I was going to fall in love with New York and be back again so soon, so we wanted to cram in as much as possible in case we didn’t go back.


You spend a fair amount of the day in the coach (although nowhere near as much as if you do the Niagara Falls tour) and yet you also manage to cram in so very much. 

Some of the sights you only see from the bus (like Arlington and The Pentagon) but there are plenty of places where you get out and really get to explore and take photos.

I was visiting places I had seen in films and TV for years and never in a million years thought I would experience and I absolutely loved it. 

The tour we did included visiting the National Air and Space Museum which is part of the iconic Smithsonian. Being a space geek like I am this was absolutely amazing and I loved completely. We also saw the White House (I mean you can’t go to Washington D.C and not right?!”) as well as the Lincoln Memorial, The Mall, The Washington Monument and the Capitol Building. We also got to visit some of the memorials to veterans such as the Vietnam Memorial. These places were incredibly humbling and I was grateful that I was able to pay my respects. We also went on to the Madame Tussauds there which was crazy, but a lot of fun. 

Doing D.C. in a day is full on, and it was a long day, but I thoroughly recommend it, particularly if like me, you don’t know if you will be back on the east coast again for the forseeable future, but it does mean that it really is a whistlestop tour. I definitely feel that although I got the important White House Selfie, I haven’t done the “real” Washington and I would love to go back for a longer period of time. 

I watch a lot of TV shows set in and around Washington (like NCIS, JAG and various FBI based shows) and I hear about all these places and I’m itching to visit them. I’d also like to spend a lot longer at the Smithsonian and see all the other museums which are part of it. I did see the one I would have most wanted to see, but I know there is a whole load more amazing exhibits and attractions there. 

I saw the day trip to Washington a bit like the cruises I have done. You visit somewhere for a short period of time, see the highlights and move on again. You get a taste of it and then you can decide whether you want to go back another time or for longer. I’m not sure I would ever have gotten around to seeing these places if I hadn’t done that tour so for that I am very grateful, but I do want to go back and do it properly!