Adult dating whilst travelling – is it a good idea?

You are a grown man or woman, who is off seeing the world, but should you leave your dating life at home? In my opinion no! Why should you keep that part of your life separate? At the end of the day, as long as you are respecting and following the local laws and traditions, and all parties involved have given their consent, then have fun!

The great thing about the internet is that apart from a few strange places (and North Korea I am thinking of you off the top of my head) you can access the internet pretty much anywhere you go so whether you are looking for bdsm dating in the UK or the future love of your life in South Africa, there will be opportunities to connect with people who are looking for the same thing as you.  We are no longer limited to the people we meet day to day and face to face in the “real world”. We have opportunities to explore things and places that we never knew about before. We can connect with people that there is no chance at all of us even having met otherwise.

Sites like My BDSM Hookups also allow you to connect with people who have fetishes and desires which are compatible with yours, thus allowing you to be more satisfied. They have people who like to dominate, or be dominated. Some people like to be slaves, or perhaps want a slave. Some people want to be or have a foot worshipper. Whether you identify as male, female or you prefer not to have a label, they not only allow you to connect with people for hookups but also have a safe online community for you to connect with others. Never has the thought of being or having a dominatrix been more acceptable, and so if that is your thing, then feel free to explore, but just remember to always be careful.

If things are getting physical, ensure everyone involved has a safe word and know that the minute it is mentioned everything stops, no questions asked. Nothing should ever be done which would hamper or stop someone’s air flow or breathing, so any restraint needs to be not overly tight, it should be comfortable and easily releasable just in case. People who are restrained should never be left unattended – for example what if someone was chained to a bed and then there was a fire? These occurrences might appear to be a one in a million, but there is just no point in taking unnecessary risks. Obviously when talking about safety, safe sex is a must – and no man or woman who might be heading for a physical encounter should be travelling without them.

I mentioned earlier about local customs and laws – this is so often overlooked when travelling, but in some countries, even kissing in public is forbidden, and non-married couples would never be allowed to share a hotel room, so if you are planning on having encounters whilst travelling, ensure you research this thoroughly before you go. It might take the shine off your trip a little if you can’t connect with people in some of your stops, but it’s a lot better option than being thrown into a foreign jail somewhere!